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There are currently 3 known strains of Albino in Leopard Geckos. You should NEVER cross strains of Albino!


Tremper Albino


Tremper Albino Leopard Geckos were discovered by Ron Tremper. The best way to identify a Tremper Albino is by coloration. A Tremper albino will have a lighter color including yellows, hints of Orange and white. Another way to tell is by their light silver red veined eyes.


Rainwater Albino Leopard Geckos


Rainwater leopard geckos were discovered by Tim Rainwater. Identifying markers are a Pinkish Body color and have the darkest eyes of all three forms of Albino


Bell Albino Leopard Gecko


The Bell Albino was discovered by Mark Bell. The best way to differentiate a Bell Albino is by its eyes. The Bell Albino has light Pink Eyes.




Is an acronym for R.ed eyed A.lbino P.atternless T.remper O.R.ange

(Tremper Eclipse)




A.lbino P.attern T.remper O.R.ange




Solid Black Eyes


Snake Eyes


Is partial pigment in one or both eyes.




Does not have eye pigment


Marble Eye 


A new recessive eye mutation in leopard geckos that give the geckos eye a three dimensional look.  Initially found in the Tremper Albino Sunlow. Marble eyes should never be bred to Eclipse or Het for Eclipse



Murphy Patternless 

Produced by Pat Murphy in 1991, the Murphy Patternless is a Leopard Gecko which lacks all pattern. 


Bleeding Snow

The bleeding snow was produced by Kalico Gecko in 2022 and is a combo of Blood Bell Radar and Mack Snow Radar Bell.



Discovered by Jay Villa in 1995 the Blizzard morph acts like a Murphys patternless. Blizzard is a simple recessive. Blizzards are patternless and range in color from purple to yellow to white.



Giant/Super Giant 


Discovered by Ron Tremper in 2001. The Giant and Super Giant trait is a co dominant morp There are three different forms of the trait: Normal, Giant, and Super Giant. Normals do not carry the Giant trait. Giants carry one copy of the trait and are heterozygous for Super Giant. Super Giants are homozygous for the trait.



Super Giant X Super Giant = 100% Super Giant

Super Giant X Giant = 50% Giant 50% Super Giant

Super Giant X Normal = 100% Giant

Giant X Normal = 50% Giant 50% Normal




An Enigma is a Leopard Gecko which is a dominant morph. There are a few common traits which all Enigmas have, their spots tend to be blotchey rather than banded. When looking at their tails, their tails are usually all white.  With age spotting turns to speckling.

NEVER Breed an Enigma to an Enigma!


White and Yellow (W/Y)


White and Yellow is a dominant morph. White and Yellow hatchlings display very similar traits to Hypos or Super Hypo hatchlings. White and Yellows currently display vary little carrot tail. As adults they look similar to the Enigmas.



Gem Snow


Gem Snows are one of the four different kinds of Snows. They were originally created by Jim Holler of Reptilian Gems. They hatch out displaying a white body and black bands but as they get older the bands break up. Gem Snows do not have a Super form but when bred to a Mack Snow you can produce a Super Snow.


TUG Snow


The Urban Gecko Snow was created by Craig Stewart from The Urban Gecko. TUG Snows come originated from a selectively bred Wild Caught group. Stewart believes Tug Snows are axanthic, a genetic trait where there is little to no yellow  TUG Snows are also a dominate trait. TUG Snows do not have a Super form but when bred to a Mack Snow you can prduce a Super Snow

Line Bred Snow 


Line Bred Snows are snows that are line bred with a focus on white and black pigment. There are 3 forms of Linebred Snows. Line Bred Snows are graded on a A-C scale.  A is a pure white and black gecko. B-C geckos display some yellow pigment. A Super form cannot be produced by breeding two line bred snows. There is a small chance however to produce a Super if bred to a Mack Snow. However Albeys line of Line bred Snows do produce Super a Super form.




A Dominant Trait. Needs further testing.


Mack Snow


Mack Snows were first produced by John and Amy Mack from Reptiles by Mack. Hatchlings looked like a "Snow" hatchlings rather than a normal hatchling. The next season, John and Amy bred the hatchlings and Super Snows, Mack Snows and Normals were produced.




Lacking most black pigment on the back. 

Super Hypo


Lacking all black pigment on back. 

Ray Hines Hypo


A possible dominant hypo gene

Carrot Tail


Orange coloration on tail



Patternless head

Carrot Head


A Patterned Orange head



Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot Tail Baldy 



Orange Color 


Pacific Green


A Line produced by Kyle Golinveaux 


Sykes Emerine


A line Bred Tangerine that displays an emerald coloration. the Sykes Emerine is Produced by Steve Sykes


G Project


Line bred tangerine produced by Matt Baronak


Clown G


Line Bred G Projects X Electrics


Green & Tangerine


Ultimate Geckos Line of Blood Emerine




Line bred high-lavender gecko. 


Lavender Bell


Produced by Paul Allen




Any striped animal usually traveling the lenth of the body.


Rainbow Stripe


Originally bred by A&M gecko's line and produced by breeding of striped and reverse striped leopard geckos. They are characterized by their orange and green coloration. They are the foundation to many other projects such as the  g project, Rainbow/Bandits and Sykes Rainbow




Jungle pattern on back

Red Stripe 


Highlighted dorsal stripes on both sides

Reverse Stripe 


Single Dorsal stripeusually asosciated with the Eclipse Gene

Patternless Stripe


Patternless / reverse striping usually in conjuntion with the Eclipse gene. 




Very pronounced bold markings

Bold Stripe 


Bold or extreamly dark stripe


Bandit Halloween Mask


Halloween Masks were first created in the late 90's by Albey Scholl of Albey's Too Cool Reptiles after working with an unusual looking leopard gecko. After years of line breeding he proving out the head pattern traits, the project was later turned over to Paul Allen of Bright Albino.


Hyper Xanthic


A project by JMG reptiles, easily distinguishable because of their extreamly bright body and high contrast body.



Developed by Ron Tremper originally form his Blue Belly Project. 

Black Pearl 


The Best examples of the animals seem to be Murphys patternless but the Genetics are still unclear.

Black Night 


Hyper Melanistic line by Ferry Zuurmond form the Netherlands. 




Albino Super Hypo Tangerine


Tangerine Albino 


Any possible Albino Tangerine combo



Albino Hypo Tangerine

Solar Raptor 


G project Raptor



A line of Tremper Tangerine Albinos

Albino X Tangelo = 50/50 Tangelo/ Albino

Albino X Super Tangelo = 100% Tangelo

Tangelo X Super Tangelo = 50/50 Tangelo/ Super Tangelo

Super Tangelo X Super Tangelo = 100% Super Tangelo



Albino Tangerine Blizzard



Tangerine Blizzard


Raining Red Stripe


Red Stripe Rainwaters (Albino) from Jeremy Letkey lines. 

Rainwater Sunglow 


Rainwater Albino X Super Hypo Tangerine from Dan Lubinsky AKA Hot Gecko line.


Lavender Bell 


Lavender X Bell Albino from Paul Allen line



Produced by James Steinbert of they first presented in the breeding of a pair of Super Giant Sunglows, resulting 7 siblings who were "different" 



Super Snow bred for Speckling




An Acronym For Black Eyed Enigma

Black Hole 


Mack Snow Eclipse Enigma

Total Eclipse 


Super Snow  Eclipse



WY Super Snow Eclipse



Snow Tangerine


Banana Blizzard 


Blizzard Murphys Patternless

Super Platinum


Mack Super Snow Murphy Patternless




Murphys Patternless -Tremper- Eclipse



Patternless-Tremper-Mack Snow

Blazing Blizzard




Diablo Blanco 







Super Nova


Enigma-Mack Super Snow-Tremper-Eclipse



Mack Snow-Enigma-Tremper-Eclipse








Bell Eclipse

Super Stealth 


Super Snow Radar Enigma



Patternless-Las Vegas-Eclipse


White Knight


Bell Blazing Blizzard




Patternless Las Vegas Eclipse 

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