Leopard Gecko Care Sheet



Leopard Geckos Should never be kept on any type of substrate due to the risk of  impaction. Loose substrat can be ingested over time and may result in Death. We recommend Repti Carpet, Tiles cut to fit your tank, and even Paper towels.




A good rule of thumb for size of a tank is 10 gallons per gecko. Using too lage of an enclosure can stress your gecko out. 3 hides are recommended per setup. 1. A warm hide 2. A cool hide 3. A moist hide. 


Co Habitation


We tend to stay away from Co Habitation as a breeder, I have successfully housed FEMALE Leopard Geckos together. The key is to watch for agression. It is highly likely one gecko will try to dominate the other. Never House Males together they WILL fight and in extreme cases result in death.



Leopard Geckos need Belly Heat. I recommend using an under tank heater and a rheostat to dial in a belly temp of 88-92 degrees. Over head lights can stress your gecko and heat your entire cage. Albinos are especially sensitive to light. 




We primarily feed Gut Loaded Meal Worms. Providing Chicken Mash to your meal worms is a great way to Gut Load them. We also offer kale, carrots, and an occasional potatoe. Our Geckos are given fresh water daily. We recommend escape proof meal worm dishes for both water and food.




We provide a 4 to 1 mixture of Vionate and Osteo Form SA. This supplimentation is Highly recommended by the Majority of todays biggest breeders. We provide a dish of this mixture startin after a hatchlings very first shed. This helps to prevent Metabolic Bone Disease. 






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